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Very important North American corporations such as ALLCOM, BTS, New Era Telecom, and DIDX  can  provide references over the excellent business relations with GGGG Corp.

Also TERRA in Spain and INTERCABLE in Venezuela can tell you about the business relations with our company.

Nothing is better than going in person to Colombia and visit the facilities of  EMPRESA DE RECURSOS TECNOLÓGICOS ERT-ESP  in Cali, Colombia. Located in Valle del Cauca, the region with the most percentage of Colombian immigrants, ERT-ESP is an entity that operates with 100% public capital.

After 17 years of operations in 16 cities, ERT-ESP started to see that their more than 47 thousand users was decreasing  because of the increasing competition of multinational companies such as TELMEX and TELEFONICA DE ESPANA. Nevertheless, thanks to the alliance with GGGG Corp and the audacity of the board of directors, whom did not fear the aggressive competition and the big financial support of its competitors, ERT-ESP accepted to launch in December 2008 the service of “MY SECOND INTERNATIONAL LINE  (MSL). Becoming the first local telephone company in Colombia to merge domestic with international telephone lines ( as of today, almost a year later, is the only in Colombia).

With this strategy supported by GGGG Corp., ERT-ESP did stop their annual net loss of 8% of users, to an increment of 26% in less than six months.

Thanking the kindly attention from the board of directors of ERT-ESP. GGGG Corp.  invites all their potential allies to visit in person this particular case of success, and to listen direct form them the real experience that shows that it is possible to compete  against the BIG LEAGUES and win,  applying intelligently the available technology.

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