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Established in June 2007, GGGG Corp is a family corporation, with assets of more than US $8 million.  The president is Gloria Puche a very well known American business woman, born in Colombia, who is an important leader of the democrat party in the State of Florida.

Regardless of being a very young company, GGGG Corp has capitalized since inception with all the equity of its founders, and more than 12 years of direct experience in the telecommunications business. GGGG Corp has specialized in the immigrant’s market niche through what is considered the future of the world telecommunications, and that is the configuration of the convergent services over the telephone numbers called DIDS (Direct Inward Dialing numbers).

Its operations include Spain, Canada, USA, Venezuela and Colombia, where it is operating with an exclusivity agreement with different private and government companies. Always working together with local partners where their growth  has been the same as the expansion of GGGG Corp.
GGGG Corp. is an exclusive agent for Latin America of ALLCOM, and its brands CellularPlusPlus and EasyTel.
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